Mindi Briar

Sci-fi & Fantasy Author


Adrift in Starlight DIGITAL cover.jpg

Adrift in Starlight

Petrichor Blooms DIGITAL cover resize.jpeg

Petrichor Blooms

Mindi Briar 2.jpg

(a Halcyon Universe short story)

Wings of Renewal.jpg

Wings of Renewal

timeless-2 cover.webp

Timeless 2




Mindi Briar's favorite book as a child was "Commander Toad in Space," an early sign that she was destined to become a gigantic nerd. She lives in the Seattle area with her husband and three cats, two of whom are named after punctuation marks. She will be your friend if you offer tea, or if you want to talk about Star Wars.

The first two books in her Halcyon Universe series are currently available from City Owl Press. Her short stories have also appeared in two anthologies.



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